27 April 2011

My Sci-Fi Confession

 The year was 1982. The first CD player appeared on the market in Japan, Disney opened its futuristic park EPCOT (Experimental Community of Tomorrow) in Florida, and Time’s “Man of the Year” was declared THE COMPUTER.

The world was changing. 
I was six years old and something magical was about to happen.
 My parents decided to take me to see my first motion picture—in the real theater, where the grownups go.
 I was beyond excited.  I sat, little legs dangling off that intimidating folding theater seat, between my parents, occasionally reaching out to touch one or the other’s arm, just to make sure they were still there next to me in the dark.  The screen was huge, the music was loud, and the popcorn was delicious. 
The film: Steven Spielberg’s E.T.   

I’d like to say that I behaved myself during the film, that I kept my composure and made Big Girls everywhere proud of the title. I’d like to, but I can’t.  The truth is that I cried throughout the entire movie: first because the alien frightened me, then because he was dying, and finally because he was going home and I was sad.  It was real to me—I was there with Elliot, Gertie, and Michael and I formed a bond of friendship with that sweet, but strange looking, creature from another world.
It was my first sci-fi experience and I was hooked.
My love of Sci-Fi never wavered, though I kept it a secret for many years.  As a child, I eagerly tuned-in to watch 3-2-1 Contact after school and to solve those oh-so-intriguing science mysteries with The Bloodhound Gang. 

I was mesmerized by the fictional universe of movies like Star Wars (who wasn’t?) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (another Spielberg masterpiece).  And I fondly remember curling up with my dad on the couch every week to watch the latest episode of Robin Williams’ quirky sitcom Mork & Mindy.  “Na-Nu, Na-Nu.”
My teen years introduced me to Star Trek: The Next Generation (I still have a crush on Patrick Stewart, by the way) and later, the long running series The X-Files. I simply couldn’t get enough.  If there was an alien, a faraway galaxy, or a paranormal turn of events—I was there. 
As an adult, shows like Stargate (any of them) and Battlestar Galactica keep me absolutely riveted—even the reruns. From Eureka, Sanctuary, and Fringe to Independence Day, The Matrix, and Inception—I am a Fan-girl and I’m proud of it.  No longer will I hide my love behind closely drawn curtains or in shadowy theaters.  This is my declaration for all the world to see: I LOVE SCI-FI and I’m not ashamed!  Laugh at me if you will, mock me, call me a nerd.  I embrace it.  And if you ask me to give it up?  Well, “I’m sorry, Dave.  I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Boldly going where...well, you know,


Today's Gratitude List
  • shoulders to cry on
  • peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • Ray Bradbury
  • a sunny day

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