01 October 2011

Every Day Grateful

In my everlasting quest to practice the notion of positive thinking, I have developed a lovely morning ritual.  Before I get out of bed, sometimes even before the alarm goes off, the coffee begins to brew downstairs, or Molly Kittenclaws begins to wail for her breakfast (those often happen simultaneously), I pull the soft covers up to my chin, inhale deeply the scent of daybreak and lavender linen spray, and begin to enumerate my mental list. 

"What will be good about today?" 

I challenge myself to name at least three things -  three positive things about THIS day, three things to look forward to or be grateful for in advance.  Three things that will motivate me to greet the day with optimism. 

Yesterday was Friday and the list was easy:

1) It's Friday.
2) It's payday.
3) It's a minimum day for the students, which means I will have the afternoon to get some papers graded.
4) It's finally cool enough for me to wear my stylish new boots to work.
5) I just had new tires put on my car so I know my commute will be safer.

This morning the list was simple as well:

1) It's Saturday!
2) My sister is coming to visit.
3) The house is already clean.

Granted, the Monday lists are usually a little bit more difficult to formulate, but the process of thinking - from the moment I wake up - of good things, certainly helps to frame my days in a more positive light.  By the time my feet hit the carpet, I have already chosen to be optimistic. And when I take the time to notice, there really IS something good in every day.

Many smiles,


  1. What a great initiative...good on you :)

  2. 1. I am grateful for you. You inspire.
    2. I am grateful for your stopping by with your kind words. I am okay.
    3. I am grateful that you continue to blog and move and inspire others in your own quiet way.


  3. Fabulous! I subscribe to three gratefuls a week so three a day is amazeballs! x

  4. I so agree! I thank God everyday for my many blessings. Just getting out of bed every morning is a blessing in itself. (sometimes walking like a zombie) old bones do that to you. I know, you're much to young to relate. Great to have such a positive attitude!


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