08 August 2013

Thirsty Thursday: Breakfast Shot

It's been a busy week around the sunflower patch! I've had out of town guests to prepare for and then entertain (and feed), followed by the cleaning up that comes after the guests leave and the restocking of the greatly diminished pantry.

Super-woman that I am, I also decided to spend six hours on Tuesday cleaning up/reorganizing my classroom in preparation for the start of the upcoming new school year. Yep, summer is (sadly) almost over!

Now, Izzy and I are packing for another quick trip to see his grandparents. One last "hurrah!" before Mommy goes back to work!

And speaking of "hurrah!" - here is an incredibly fun adult beverage to introduce to people. It's a breakfast shot (or Irish breakfast shot) that my sister and I discovered at a local pub. I loved watching my friends drink this over the weekend. The layer of flavors is really quite unique. You'd swear you were eating a bit of pancake with maple syrup (almost)!

It's simple:
In one shot glass: 2 counts Jameson Whiskey + 1 count Butterscotch Schnapps + slice of bacon
In a second (chaser) shot glass: orange juice.

Bon appetite!

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