28 July 2013


For the first time in a long time, since childhood really, I actually know my neighbors.

Well, I know five of them, which I think is a good start and quite the social record for me.

And when I say know them, I mean I know their names, their kids’ (and in some cases, their pets’) names, and some of their occupations. I know what they drive and sometimes I know when they go on vacation. I’ve even fed the above mentioned pets on said vacations.

It may not seem like much, but trust me – it’s progress.

In this day and age, when we are taught to fear strangers because “creepers” lurk around every corner, it’s become strangely difficult to get to know each other. Eye contact? What’s that?

We’ve lived here for about six years now, and I’m finally starting to feel comfortable enough to let my guard down a little. I actually smile at my neighbors, wave hello, say good morning. And astonishingly enough, they respond! Funny, isn’t it, how it usually only takes one person to reach out and extend that first gesture of friendliness?
We’re still a long way from joint barbeques and block parties, but the sense of community and social mingling is definitely growing.

I just hope it doesn’t take another six years.


Today’s Gratitude List:

·         Dandelion fluff

·         Sprigs of mint

·         An extra hour of sleep this morning!


  1. I hear you!
    8 weeks after we moved in here and without so much as a hello from the neighbours I decided to introduce myself. 2/3 were lovely, the 3rd just said "Oh hello, I'm Robin but please don't put any of you tree cuttings on our boundary" (we live on acreage so the boundaries are in the bush anyway ?!?!? )
    I'll just keep smiling!

  2. ps you neighbourhood looks lovely x

  3. Hi Niki,

    What a gorgeous street, like a little enclave, tucked away in green beds and dewy covers! Glad you're making friends with your neighbours; it's the neighbourly thing to do!:) I live in a little Mediterranean village in the countryside and it has taken me a few years to mix with the locals, too, and in this country, things don't take that long! I joined the philanthropic society here in the village and am enjoying making new friends; they're a lovely bunch of women!



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