18 July 2013

Thirsty Thursday: Mayan Mocha

I stumbled upon this delicious treasure last week when Izzy and I were out for our morning sea-side stroll. I usually just bundle us up and hit the sidewalks, hoping the brisk exercise will help fight off the chill of misty fog that hangs about the coastline before noon. That day, for some reason, I needed a little extra help staying warm, so I popped in to a local coffee spot and treated myself (you have no idea how rare of an occurrence this is!) to a beverage.  Scanning the menu board, my eyes lighted upon something called a "Mayan Mocha." Intrigued, and feeling rather bold and adventurous, I decided to order a small cup to go.
Whoa! What a startling wake-up call to my taste buds! As it turns out, the Mayan Mocha isn't just a mocha with a fancy name or a sprinkle of cinnamon on the top.  Oh no, friends - the Mayan Mocha is a feisty little she-devil with a stiletto kick of cayenne pepper! Wowza! Talk about getting warm -and fast!
I loved it! It's not something I could drink every day, but it was absolutely PERFECT for that drizzly morning walk on the shore.  I've looked around online for recipes and this is the closest I could find to what I had that day.  I think I'll do a bit more experimenting at home until I get it just to my liking. I can see some rainy autumn days in the horizon, with a warm blanket and a mug of Mayan mocha to warm me head to toe!
Until then, do YOU have a favorite coffee recipe or treat?
Happy drinking,

Today's Gratitude List:
Freshly polished teeth (thank you, dentist!)
Freshly polished toenails (thank you, me!)
Spices that liven up my life
Recycling trucks (yay recycling!)


  1. I love trying out new coffee beverages. That Mayan Mocha sounds like it would really heat you up fast! Thanks for the nice comments you left on my lavender post. I'm happy to return the follow!

  2. Yummness! That looks and sounds so good. I just got a coffee machine, so I could try this! Beautiful blog. x

  3. Oh that sounds interesting! Not sure if the shot of pepper is for me. I'm a little addicted to chai lattes though :) xx


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