26 March 2011

Gathering Rosebuds

The sun came out today. Came out and stayed out.  Oh you beautiful rays of vitamin D—how I have missed thee! The past few weeks have been nothing but wet.  Don’t get me wrong—I appreciate rainy days.  I even sometimes relish them, languish in them.  I use them as an excuse to remain in my favorite pajamas (the pair of blue flannels with beret-wearing Parisian cats) and read trashy romance/zombie/vampire novels. 

But one can only do that for so many days in a row (and for so many trashy novels), before one starts to feel a little…




Cabin-fever sets in.  I start to pace, caged within the walls of water, and wonder if perhaps Noah had the right idea.  Let’s pack up the animals and get the heck out of here!  What?  I thought YOU were going to build the ark…damn.

But then, oh happy day, that “glorious lamp of heaven” graced us with her presence.  I traded cozy flannels for cozy sweats (it is Saturday, after all), crossed the threshold of my home, sidestepped the puddles beyond my door, and ventured out into the world!

I didn’t go far--a quick trip to the bank and then on to Trader Joes. But I felt revitalized.  Awakened.  Hungry.

I came. I saw. I bought groceries! 

Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea.  Cars still dripping with raindrops bustled into town.  Parking lots filled with pale, sun-deprived shoppers. Businesses threw open their doors to cautiously optimistic consumers.  Suddenly Robert Herrick’s famous line “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may” translated into “Quick!  Everyone go get your errands done before it rains again!”

Still, I felt triumphant.  I greeted the world and she sent sunny salutations back.  I’ll take that as a sign: Arc no longer needed and “while ye may, go marry.”

Today's Gratitude List:
  • a new shipment of books to read (thanks Mr. Postman!)
  • my wonderfully supportive family
  • a (mostly) growth mindset
  • my blue flannel jammies
  • socks!


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