23 March 2011

Whimsical Graffiti

Today I was assaulted with graffiti.  And I smiled. 

Not the reaction one would expect, but this particular act of vandalism was so whimsical, I couldn't help myself. 

There at my intersection, boldly ornamenting a county utility box, was the fanciful proclamation that "Unicorns R Real," creative spelling and heart symbol punctuation included.

I grinned and shook my head, amused, before turning down the street.  I wondered what spray-painting sprite could be responsible for this morning's magic.  In a world lately grown so accustomed to mess and misfortune, it's comforting to know that there are people still eager to spread some joy. 

I am once again reminded of the unparalleled charm of my community.  From artist colonies, to Buddhist temples, banana slugs to begonia festivals, this pocket of the left coast is fearlessly weird, resolutely open-minded, and absolutely whimsically wonderful.

And while, yes, I am quite aware that unicorns are not actually real (please, don't shun the non-believer!), I DO appreciate the cheer-inducing message that greeted me today.  I can only thank the person who left it there and hope that a little more of that kind of magic will find its way into my life a little more often.  And that is positively something worth believing in!

Today's Gratitude List:
  • bagels and sun dried tomato cream cheese-yum!
  • pretty candles, for power outages AND ambiance :)
  • the nostalgic sound of train whistles
  • the silly Molly cat who tries to climb on my lap every time I'm typing
  • hugs from my sweetheart-always safe and warm

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  1. What a giggle, this made my day more magical, thanks for sharing! I love the romance of your writing Niki, what a nice thing to see the world in a more beautiful light through your eyes :)


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