20 March 2011

Mudluscious and Puddle-wonderful

Into every life a little rain must fall...and fall...and fall... 

It seems like the central coast has had its fair share of interesting weather these days.  From heavy downpours to high tide advisories, hail and thunderstorms to tsunami warnings and even snow, it would seem that mother nature is putting on one hell of a show for us.  Well, if she wants my attention, she's certainly got it now.

We had a simply amazing storm last night.  The wind howled.  The windows rattled. Corpulent rain drops hurled themselves at our outer walls and ricocheted down rain gutters.  I worried that our giant eucalyptus tree would be lifted from its earthly bed while I, unashamedly, cowered in mine.  It was a truly magnificent and awe-inspiring display of power.

And yet, today for a brief moment there was a calming, a clearing of skies, a patch of blue between the clouds. People poked their heads out of doors and smiled, dogs paraded their owners, children splashed on sidewalks and pondered the formation of rainbows.  The world really was mudluscious and puddle-wonderful.  And weeeeeeee.

And then...Splat... Drip... Plink.    Nimbus ambles in.

Ready the umbrellas! Line up the galoshes! Prepare the hot cocoa! For friend, the earth is thirsty and the heavens are accommodating.

Today's Gratitude List:
  • Clean, warm laundry-love that smell!
  • Earl Grey tea, with honey!
  • Electricity and central heating
  • Sunday mornings and sleeping in

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