21 May 2011

The Importance of Gal Pals

I love men.  I love their directness and testosterone driven senses of humor, their hoots and guffaws.  I love their unique ways of interpreting a conversation (especially if it pertains to doing the dishes or picking up something from the grocery), their lack of analytical skills (as opposed to our superior female ones), and their powers of observation (boobs, bigger boobs, food).  I love that when a man says “I’m fine,” he really is. No deciphering of hidden meanings or complex definitions.  It’s truly refreshing.

And, all jokes aside, I absolutely love spending time with my sweetheart, The Big Guy.  He completes me (blush).  But he doesn’t always get me.  It’s not his fault – I mean he IS from Mars, after all. 
Hence the need for gal pals and that all too rare event called “girl time.”  The Big Guy is wonderful, he is my love, but he is perplexed by my sudden, and ravenous, cravings for chocolate.  My girlfriends understand.  When I am standing on tip toe, craning my not-so-limber self into positions of acrobatic proportions  to reach the remaining third of a Hershey’s Chocolate bar, left over from last year’s camping trip, in the back of the cupboard, I feel them willing me their support.  My gals know that this is, in fact, a crisis and that their collective powers of sisterly love must bolster me in my time of need. 
Tonight a covey of us will descend upon San Francisco in a celebration of…well, ourselves.  We will be fabulous today, dolled up and dangerous.  I have my outfit and accessories laid out and ready. The Big Guy can’t begin to fathom why sneakers are not the appropriate footwear for a night out on the town:
 “But you’ll be walking a lot, and you’ll be more comfortable.” 
“I know, but I won’t be cute. I have to wear the purple heels.” 
“Being cute is more important than being comfortable?”
“But none of you are single-who are you trying to impress?”
“Each other, of course!  Women really only dress up for other women.”
“You’re going to get blisters.”
“I know.”
“I don’t understand women.”  He shakes his head and walks away.  Poor guy.
I am excited.  I may be a bit biased, but I have some AMAZING friends.  Rachelle is a brilliant photographer (see her website listed under my favorites), Molli has a booming cake-decorating business – in addition to her already established card and invitation web-store, Tobie is a rockstar (how she manages teaching, raising three kids, and performing weekend gigs with her band, I’ll never know), and Dawn is a world traveller, breezing in and out of our lives, regaling us with stories of exotic places and her inspiring adventures.  Of course, my favorite among this evening’s party is my own sister, Dana.  A successful San Francisco business woman in her own right, she is not only our benevolent guide tonight but also the dearest friend I will ever have.  Any moment spent with her is sure to be a great one.
Ah, girl time!  I am looking forward to an evening of fine dining, amusing discourse, camaraderie, laughter, dancing, pretty cocktails and –of course-cute shoes. 

Here’s to good friends and good fun!

Today's Gratitude List:
  • chocolate, mustn't forget the chocolate!
  • it's not the end of the world :)
  • leisurely Saturday morning


  1. I love your perspective on men and the imporatnce of gal pals.

    And your shoes are killer. Hope Girls' Night Out was awesome.

  2. You're so right about girlfriends! I'm still missing my group from UT two years ago.

    And men are no more capable of understanding uncomfortable shoes than they are of getting we dress for our friends.

  3. OK, Niki, it is really sad that I am commenting on this post again but everytime I see it it reminds me of how great girls are! I miss girls' night more than I can say...

    And those shoes- hello?! Fabulous!

  4. @Catherine: I do understand! When I moved here 6(going on 7) years ago I didn't know a soul! It was exciting, liberating, and...scary. I was terribly in need of local gal pals and had no idea where to find them. Lucky for me, I discovered a great bunch of girls through work. It's difficult as an adult to "make friends" so I try not to take the ones I have for granted. I have loner-like tendencies sometimes and have to remind myself how healthy (and FUN) it is to hang out with other women.


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