25 June 2011

Being Well

At times the body will quietly whisper that it's time to slow down.  An ache here, a tired muscle there...relax.  Take it down a notch.  Be at Peace.

BUT if one does not heed this subtle and soothing voice of reason, make no mistake--the body will retaliate.  No more Miss Nice Girl.  It will hold your health and well being as ransom until her demands are met.

This week, my body has taxed me for my blatant disregard of her needs.  I have found myself in excruciating pain and days of suffering. 

Okay.  You've got my attention, body.  I promise to behave.  In the meantime, here are the lessons I have learned from my bedridden banishment:

1.  Jersey is quite possibly the softest, most comfortable fabric ever

2.  The heating pad is a marvelous invention -especially with a Vicodin/Valium combo

3.  There is no reward for suffering in silence. Don't be a martyr. If you need help, ASK FOR IT.

4.  Kisses from Molly, my ever-faithful cat, have magical healing powers.  Well, not exactly, but they DO make me smile.

Well Wishes,


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry! I saw the marvelous photo and thought you were going to tell us about having a massage!

    It sounds like you've thought of everything and there is no combo like a magical kitty and the proper dosage of really good pharmaceuticals.

    Feel better and then GO GET A MASSAGE!

  2. Niki I'm so sorry you are in pain. I, too, was sick all week with a stomach flu, and this is my first opportunity to visit.

    Take time out to watch your favorite romantic comedy on DVD or other guilty pleasures. Please take care. I will pray for your speedy recovery.

  3. @Catherine: I am definately taking your advice and have scheduled a massage for this week! :)

    @Mila: Hope you are feeling better too! I just added Under the Tuscan Sun to my Netflix queue so I'm all set :)


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