27 June 2011

Being Well Part 2

As mentioned in my last, albeit necessarily brief, posting, I was stricken by some rather unexpected and quite excruciating pain. My neck, right shoulder (and consequently right arm) staged a rather brutal Caesar-style rebellion against me, for which I have so far twice visited doctors and begun some light physical therapy. The "Medical Powers that Be" assure me that these things take time to mend and that I must relax and practice that ever perishing virtue: Patience.

Easier said than done, my friends.

Today I am propped up in bed, with my lap top somewhat comfortably arranged so as not to strain my malfunctioning muscles over much. I have missed writing. The lack of creative outlet over the past couple of weeks has left me feeling rather despondent and restless. I had not realized just how much I've come to love my blogging time - a time just for ME to catharticly compose my thoughts and happily inspire those semantic synapses.

I owe my current temporary alleviation of ouch-ness (and ability to tenderly type this post) to the altogether soothing physical therapy I was able to participate in earlier today.

This is The Well Within, a rejuvenating refuge located in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz, specializing in the wellness of body and soul.

The outside of this serene paradise may seem unassuming and humble, but like the often overlooked oyster (yes, a coastal reference - couldn't resist), its true iridescent secrets are contained within. Upon arrival, visitors are immediately greeted with friendly service, a quiet sanctuary, and the promise of healthful relaxation.

And true to the words of their website, the environment can best be described as "Japanese traditions blended with California lifestyle."  Myriad services include massage therapy (everything from Aromatherapy massage, Prenatal massage, and Couple's massage), private spas and saunas overlooking a Japanese garden, and a wide assortment of skin and body care, such as facials, body wraps, aromatic salt polishes, etc.

We opted today for a private spa and sauna room. These accommodations are usually reserved for a 50 minute duration, however we were happily treated with an 80 minute session as a special Monday promotional.  Plush towels, herbal tea (peppermint today), shampoo, conditioner, aromatic body gel (rooms include a shower), and essential oils for the sauna were included in the price - a very reasonable $15 per person!

And let us not forget the beautiful view of the garden! Our private room surveyed a tranquil Japanese Koi pond and softly percolating rockbed stream.  Dappled sunlight filtered through the foliage. Harmonious in every way, the experience was all I had been craving.


For a blissful span of time the complaints of my tired and aching muscles were quelled and my cerebral positivity returned. I temporarily divorced myself from pain and allowed myself an awareness of beauty and life and the connectivity of it all: mind, body, and soul.  

I wish you all the same and the wellness that is within.

*Most pictures are from The Well Within website (see above link).  All others were taken by me.


  1. I'm glad you had a lovely spa day. I am praying for your speedy recovery.

    Thank you for brightening my day with your positive and thoughtful comments.

  2. Beautiful! And I'm glad it gave you some respite. I've had severe spasma in my neck before and unfortunately, it is true- it takes time to heal.

    One thing I tried that helped (or at least soothed) was to gently rub lavender oil into my neck right before bedtime. You can dilute it w/ a bit of almond oil if you want but i use it straight. Also helps you sleep.


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