07 June 2014

My Summer Resolves

It's finally here! Today marks the first day of my 10-week summer vacation! I've handed over my classroom keys, dutifully packed away my lesson plan binders and bulletin board posters, and said farewell to yet another school year.

Ah, summer...you beautiful, fleeting, golden time. Greetings!

Hello to sunshine (with a wee bit of coastal fog)!
Hello to brunches and lunches and lemonade! 
Hello to boardwalks and beaches and pedicured toes! 
Hello to grilling! 
Hello to chilling! 
And most of all...Hello to ME!!

To commemorate AND celebrate this joyful occasion, I have penned out the following list of summer resolves:

1. Eat a REAL breakfast, every day.
2. Clean out my closets.
3. Purchase new undergarments.
4. Go for a walk at least 5X per week.
5. Read 10 new books.
6. Learn 5 new recipes.
7. Make photo albums of my family.
8. Take more naps.
9. Go to the Farmer's Market 
10. Blog twice a week.

Here's to all of the wonderful possibilities!

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