19 July 2011

Coming to My Senses

They are referred to as the Āyatana or “sense sphere” in Buddhist literature.
Early Hindu scripture quite poetically depicts them as five horses drawing the chariot of the body, with the mind as the chariot driver and guide.
We know them as touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight.

A sensory experience can be fleeting or remain with you for a lifetime: the happy trill of a wren as you wake; the sticky sweetness of a summer peach; the smell of rain on an empty playground.  “Your senses give you the raw materials for the stories of your life.” They are the doors to memories and the pathways to all perception. But how often do we actually “stop to smell the roses?” To appreciate, to be aware of the infinite messages our senses relay to us?

What story did your senses write today?


Today's Gratitude List:
  • my sight
  • my hearing
  • my tastebuds
  • my sense of smell
  • my sense of touch
  • this very beautiful world


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