12 July 2011

Make it Count

"An unexamined life is not worth living."  Socrates

We are fortunate - to live where and when we do.

In a trial for heresy  in 399 B.C.E.,Socrates was sentenced to death by poison hemlock for encouraging the youth of Athens to think for themselves; to examine their lives and choose paths of their own making rather than to blindly adhere to the doctrine of the times.   A novel concept for that age, his statement remains unequivocal and relevant today.  What is the point of life if one never questions its purpose?  If one never looks within for acceptance, grace, and guidance?  If we are not first aware of ourselves, how may we venture forth for enlightenment and growth? Should we not seek and understand our individual truths before we accept the truths of others?

It is this quest - to examine my truths, to sift through the overlooked fragments of my life, to evolve into my best self - that led me to blog in the first place. 


And it has been a wondrous journey thus far!

In a recent post by Mila at Here Under the Rainbow (a blog I unabashedly love to visit every chance I get), the subject of self acceptance, of making it (life) count,  was broached.  She has challenged me, along with Family Trees May Contain Nuts and Manana Mama to not only re-examine past posts, but to also pat ourselves on the proverbial back for the efforts we are making to better our selves and our lives on this little planet called Earth.

I accept her challenge and repeat to myself the mantra I am good enough - eyes closed, breathing deeply, several times.

"Here’s another easy way to get you in the habit." says Mila. "Think of three posts that fit the below categories and provide a link for each."  She went first (do check out her post, linked above) and now it is my turn:

My Best Humor Post
Though normally not a humorous blogger (more of a romantic, I'd say), I did have a rather amusing discussion with my best friend's son in Conversation with a 3-year Old.  The world is rather magical when seen through the eyes of a child.

My Best How-To Post
I LOVE food because I LOVE flavor.  But, so far, I have only once posted a recipe on this blog.  See A Feast for Eyes for more details - my plum tart recipe is as easy as it is delicious!  Food can be inspiring in its own right, so who knows? - perhaps I will start posting more recipes for my fellow culinary pleasure seekers.

My Best Charlie Brown Post
According to Mila, "This post may be one that you worked very hard on, but it was overlooked. Yet, you love it like Charlie Brown loved that scrawny Christmas tree."  Mine would have to be Elephants and Other Things.  It was written in the early days (April) of Sunflower, before I had many followers or readers, other than family.  I love the parable of the elephant and hope you will too.

Alrighty, now it is your turn. Please take part in Make it Count.
1). Write a post (or look for one you've already written) based on the above three categories.
2). In your post, include a link for each category.
3). Then challenge three fellow bloggers to do the same.

I challenge:

1.  Inside Out
2.  Knowing Where to Stand
3.  Pampers and Pinot

Also, if you do decide to participate (whether I challenged you specifically or not - all are welcome), leave me a little comment or link so I can check out your posts!  Support is a great benefit of the blogging world!

"Their story, yours and mine - it's what we all carry with us on this trip we take, and we owe it to each other to respect our stories and learn from them." -Anonymous



  1. Oh a Challenge! Not sure how to respond to this one. My blog is mostly just about taking photos. Taking photos, Organising them, doing some photo challenges...

  2. Thank you for taking part in Making It Count. I'm honored.

    This post, especially the first paragraph on Socrates, is beautifully expressed. Such a pleasure reading it.

  3. @ Leanne: No pressure or obligation whatsoever! Just thought I'd throw it out there. :) Love your photos and your blog - always such a visual treat for me!

    @Mila: It is I who am honored. I had no idea what to write about today and contemplated scrubbing my bathtub instead. I procrastinated that onerous task with a cup of coffee and a visit to my favorite blogs this morning, where I (excitedly) discovered your challenge! Needless to say, the bathtub is still dirty. C'est la vie! :)

  4. @Niki- I'm so glad I stopped by yesterday- not my normal blog reading day! Thank you for thinking of me and here is my response. We'll see how it goes!


  5. Pleased to meet you and your lovely blog via the ever-wonderful Mila - totally agree with you that conversations with three-year-olds are always fantastically interesting and usually involve magic of some sort :)


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