07 July 2011

Lessons from My Cat Part 2

I have said before, and not just a few times, that I often prefer the company of animals to humans.  Is this perhaps, an early indication of a reclusive proclivity?  I hope not.  Still, I find animals, and in particular my own Molly Kittenclaws, to be an immeasurable source of joy, insight, and philosophical musings.  For, as Ernest Hemingway so aptly penned, “A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”  It is for this reason that I again look to Molly for blogging inspiration.

Please enjoy a few more lessons from my ever wise and wonderful adopted darling.

Guest-blogger Molly Kittenclaws' Tips of the Week:

1.  Stretching is a must. No activity (i.e. sleeping, eating, playing) should begin or end without the proper amount of stretching. Occasionally stretching is even required DURING said activity. A big yawn never hurts either.
2.  Material possessions are of little consequence. It is the simple things in life that provide the most joy (bird watching, a lovely piece of string, that mysterious toilet tissue roll-thingy, etc.). Don't waste time fretting over expensive toys, especially when a cozy friend is all you really need.

3.  Always land on your feet. Falling is bound to happen from time to time - nobody is perfect. The important thing is get back up, shake it off, and resume life with grace and dignity –and hopefully with just a bit more wisdom this time around.
And finally,
4.  Allow yourself to be spoiled. Really, it's okay. Your complete and utter cuteness demands it.

It seems we have much to learn from our animal friends.  I, for one, never hesitate to heed the example of a species that conducts itself with an aptitude for such a charmed existence. One can only hope to live so fully.


Today’s Gratitude List:
  • Sleeping in
  • A healing shoulder
  • Photo opportunities



  1. Love it! And so true. Must stretch more often! LOL

  2. I LOVE cats. They are awesome, and only cat lovers understand that. Yours is a cutie!

  3. Great post! I learned recently that cats will run up to you and meow incessantly if you whistle at a high off key pitch. Quite amusing...


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