29 July 2011

A Darling Dessert

"The poet and the baker are brothers in the essential task of nourishing the world." 
-from Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses by Isabel Allende

When both verse and inspiration escape me, I find solace in the kitchen. 
No, I'm not about to confess a dark  and deleterious encounter with emotional binge eating.  I'm referring to, rather, the meditative act of cooking.  For what is food if not the very manifestation of creative endeavor?

Part + part = whole. 

The whole provides sustenance, stimulates the very energy of being, acts as attendant to the senses and caregiver to body and soul. The recipe, then, becomes poetry. I gather my inspiration with every ingredient, knead lyrics into the pastry like flecks of exotic spice.

It is ART in her most savory attire.

I was born with my mouth open...
entering this juicy world
of peaches and lemons and ripe sun...
this world where dinner is in the breath
of the subtle desert,
in the spices of the distant sea
which late at night drift over sleep

-from "Eating the World" by James Tipton

What gets your creative juices flowing?

Bon appetite,

Today's Gratitude List:
  • berry and ricotta tartlette recipe from Pilli Pilli
  • wind-chimes and hummingbird feeders
  • a very productive meeting for work (yes, teachers do actually work on things during the summer)



  1. One of these days Niki, we will know of your dark-side :)

  2. Ha ha! Yes, that usually rears its head sometime in February, when my students have all but driven me mad and I'm desperate for a vacation! ;)


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