23 July 2011


"Find what brings you joy and go there."
-- Jan Phillips
I'm fairly certain that the universe could plunk me down in just about any small hippy-dippy, open-minded, artsy-smartsy college town and I would be perfectly content.  

It's what I loved about living in Chico, CA and likely what drew me to the Santa Cruz area as well (that and the beautiful coastline, of course).  It's also what keeps me returning to Ashland, year after year, for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Boasting the first Elizabethan Theater in America, this charming Rogue Valley community has been a thespian haven since 1935. My own joyous discovery of Ashland happened fifteen years ago (gasp!) whilst visiting a high school pal who'd decided to attend Southern Oregon University.  Ah, those were the days! Big hair, small car (the ever stylish VW Rabbit) - I ventured up Interstate-5 on my first solo trip out-of-state.  I felt so...grown up.  So cultured.  So enchanted by everything that Ashland had to offer.

Me (1996) feeding a swan in Lithia Park
In recent years I have been fortunate to share the magic of Ashland with my sweetheart, one who is as enthusiastic about road-trips and theater-going as I am (a rare find, to be sure).  Hairstyles and automobiles have changed greatly in the last fifteen years, but the quirky allure of this Oregonian town remains unalterable.  Whatever fairy dust was sprinkled here must have been of potent stuff, indeed. I am enchanted still.

 Our recent journey:

Heading north, we are met with stunning views.
Why, thank you! (It's like they knew we were coming!)
First, breakfast at my favorite spot: Morning Glory.
This is ricotta stuffed French toast with lemon butter and raspberry syrup.
Next, a stroll through lovely Lithia Park.
(How quaint is this bridge!?!)
I search...
...for beauty...
...and balance...
...and some feathered friends.
I find it ALL.  Here.  Lithia always inspires.
After the stroll, we quench our thirst at Eden Vale.
And it's off to the theater we go!
(This is the pre-show)
Inside, all "set" for an entertaining evening.
(Sorry, no photos allowed during the performance -
You'll just have to trust me, it was excellent!)
And after the play, a delicious late-night dinner at Thai Pepper
(a new satay bar that we absolutely fell in LOVE with!)

If the old adage is true, that a joy shared is a joy doubled, then I am truly blessed.  My heart is full of song! A getaway with my favorite guy, to a favorite place, to enjoy a favorite playwright - well, it is "such stuff as dreams are made on."

Thank you, Ashland, for another wonderful vacation memory!

Today's Gratitude List:
  • a home that I am always happy to return to
  • a well behaved kitty
  • freshly laundered sheets
  • the power of words
  • someone to leave the light on for

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