24 July 2011

Sea Palette

A soft Sea washed around the House
A Sea of Summer Air
And rose and fell the magic Planks
That sailed without a care --

Emily Dickinson

Summer days on the central coast are often bookended by fog.  The muted greens and blues of the ocean, while daunting to the unprepared tourist, have always delighted and inspired me.  These are the colors I dream of - shades of seafoam and celadon, iceberg and periwinkle.

These are the days you pull tight your sweater and search the sands for treasures washed in with the tide, or curl yourself around a teacup and watch through the window as the mist moves over the shore...

This is tranquility. Bliss. The softness permeates the soul.

Wishing you well,

Today's Gratitude List:
  • Shango Banana Spice tea
  • Aprons
  • Side sleeping
  • Cocoa butter lotion
  • The start of another great week

(Participating in Mosaic Monday at Litte Red House - do stop by!)


  1. Wonderful mosaic with the blues. Very soothing to the eyes.

  2. Bliss, indeed - we're on the same page, or at least on the same coast!

  3. Such pretty blues & greens...

  4. Such a stunning mosaic, I had to enlarge it so that I could get a closer look at all of your beautiful images.
    What a lovely life you describe, I can picture it all so easily, just delightful.
    I found your gratitude list very interesting. I usually write mine in a journal at the end of each day, but think that I might adopt your idea and add it to my blog posts instead.
    Thank you for a very inspiring post,
    your newest follower......
    Maggie @ Normandy Life

  5. Oh to need to pull your sweater closer~ that sounds heavenly!! We are having hazy, hot, humid ozone days...

    Love your mosaic & your gratitude list!

  6. Your words are so lovely Niki, as are your photos. I covet the same things, but with sun ; )

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Glad you enjoyed taking a short virtual tour of my garden!


  7. I love this sea inspired mosaic and enjoy, as you do, cocoa butter lotion. Love the scent!

  8. Your summery palette is evocative of all that is life near the sea. Just delightful. And I love the Emily Dickinson you've included.

  9. Beautiful mosaic! All my favorite colors -- I love sea-tones.

  10. Absolutely love your mosiac! Especially the sweet rosebud plate and the aqua spools under the cloche. Love all of those colors, bliss indeed. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

  11. Gorgeous my new friend!!!
    I adore your blog...and your mosaic!
    Enjoy your week!

  12. A big Thank You to all who commented! I had so much fun making my mosaic and participating in my first Mosaic Monday at Litte Red House. What a treat to meet so many talented bloggers -from all across the globe! You are all amazing! Smiles :)

    PS@ Cat&Cricket: I tried and tried to leave a comment on your lovely cork post. For some reason it just wouldn't go through. At any rate, I'm so happy to be a new follower of your beautiful blog! What fun!

  13. This post lends beauty to my day. I am loving your mosaics.

    I am not quitting blogging. Just wanted to look at the word "quit" and the perjorative nature that it evokes, and see if it can be seen in a new light.

    Sorry haven't stopped by for awhile. My new athletic pursuit (boxing) leaves me hanging like a ragdoll after I am through.

    Wishing you a day fill with lovely things.

  14. I love your last line and those are my favorite colors as well! Beautiful montage of photos.


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